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What is The Sunshine Society?

For a year and a half, SUNSHINE SOCIETY BOX members received 4 – 6 hand-selected island gifts and we explored amazing tropical destinations!  However, all great trips have to come to an end and it is our time to ride off into the sunset!  In addition, we are closing out our tropical inventory and offering you a great mixed Sunshine Box with treasures from our travels.  

Remember, whether you physically live on an island, or just do in your soul – paradise is a mindset.  Keep sharing the sunshine with others and take the time to walk barefoot in the sand and gaze across the sea.  

We are The Sunshine Society.  Thank you for making this the most wonderful experience ever!  


Meet the owner of The Sunshine Society!

Casey McNutt hails from the Lone Star State. She’s a “Tex-ibbean” who transplanted to the Virgin Islands in 2003 to be a SCUBA instructor and eventually became the owner/operator of a dive center and retail chain, Dive BVI. She has had an amazing career in diving and has been fortunate to be able to travel to see even more magic of the underwater (and topside) world elsewhere. When The Sunshine Society and sister company, The Filthy Mermaid, grew larger Casey and her husband, Jeff, relocated to sunny Florida!  Never far from her tropical home, she commutes between Virgin Gorda, BVI and Deerfield Beach, Florida doing everything she loves!  Casey is an avid runner and enjoys making her way to new locales for distance races where she loves to experience the beauty of the human spirit – and fill up her “bling rack”. She has found that the key to happiness is actually quite simple – enjoy your work, involve yourself in your community, and have wonderful friends!


Hello! Welcome to Paradise!
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